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Join The
Tiny Fairies Tribe!

We have been building our Rainbow Fairy Tribe since 2020! 
Firstly starting as purely an Online Club, we are now opening a BRAND NEW 

Rainbow Fairy After-School Club at The Millhouse, Hertford (Hertfordshire).

All of our Rainbow Fairy Club Sessions, whether online or in-person,
Fairy Storytelling, Dancing, Activities & Games, Crafting and the occasional Potion Making/ Healthy Snack - Making! 

Each member of Tiny T's Weekly Rainbow Fairy Club at The Millhouse
will also receive 10% off 1 Fairy Visit or a Fairy Birthday Party!

Each session is run by Rainbow Fairy Tara (Head Fairy at Tiny T's Theatre) with the occasional Fairy or Magical Guest. 


After-School Rainbow Fairy Club
The Millhouse, Hertford  

Half Term Booking & Full Term
£8 Per Child Per Class

Weekly Classes 
Our classes are full of imagination,
colour, magic and education. 
Each Tiny Fairy will learn a dance or poem, interact with fairy stories with puppetry and create sustainable recycled crafts each week - creating something magical but still protecting our woodland!

Rainbow Fairy Club Package
Each Tiny Fairy has the chance to have their very own Rainbow Fairy Package! 10% off if you are signing up for Half a Term
of Rainbow Fairy Club!

This includes 1 Handmade Wand, a letter from Rainbow Fairy Tara and 1 Flower Crown.
At the end of each term each Tiny Fairy will receive a certificate during our Termly Fairy Celebration!

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Online Rainbow Fairy Club
(Run on Zoom)  

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Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy.png
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 Rainbow Fairy Club Packages
Can also be purchased separately!
1 Handmade Wand to use each week
(Designed by Fairy Tara!)
1 Flower Crown 
1 Letter from Fairy Tara 

(Welcoming you to Fairy Club!)
£12.00 per child 

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Fairy Gallery

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