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Goal Mapping

The Technique

Anyone can create a Goal Map, children, adults, families together, teachers- you can use it for personal use or for goals you'd like to achieve in working life. It has reached 100s of thousands of children in schools to show them that they can achieve what they really want in life. 

Using drawings and/or pictures with affirmations, the power of both connected sends positive messages into your brain and helps you put steps into place to achieve goals, long or short term. 


Goal Mapping is a form of Goal Setting and was created by Brian Mayne 24 years ago. 

Goal Mapping is a simple system for success – yet it is so extremely powerful that since 1995 it has reached more than 4 million people. It has helped people achieve success relating to wealth, health, career, education, sport, weight-loss and anything else they dream of.

Cutout Stars
Cutout Stars

Tara's Mission with Tiny T's

By creating Brian Mayne's story 'Sam The Magic Genie' into a visual storytelling piece, theatre or just to encourage children and families to take a look at the book, Tara is determined to inspire thousands of families to find their belief and use their imagination to help them achieve anything they want to in life.

Tara's next move for the next few years is to hold Goal Mapping Workshops & Events, Sam The Magic Genie Storytelling & Theatre Events and to reach out to schools.

The most important thing in this world right now as everything is changing so fast is to make sure we inspire the little ones!

"At school, I kept my head down. I wasn't looked at as 'academic', as everything I did involved drawing or using my imagination. Unfortunately I then felt like I wasn't good enough at the 'important' stuff, so my confidence always felt so low. Now that I am a certified Goal Mapping practitioner, I am super excited to be able to use my skills to empower children, teachers and hopefully parents to use pictures and affirmations with their children so that they don't feel that they aren't good enough to do whatever they want to when they grow up". 


You can book Tara for a day of Goal Mapping at your School for the pupils, teachers and / or parents!

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