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Fairy Mail

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Fairy Mail is for those that are having a birthday or special occasion, or just simply need a pick me up and some magic from Rainbow Fairy Tara!

You will receive a video message from Rainbow Fairy Tara via email through a special link that only you can have access to as well as a letter in the post via 'Fairy Mail' with a colouring page.

Once booked, please add in notes everything you would like Fairy Tara to include in the Fairy Mail. This is things the child has done that you are proud of (big achievements, sleeping well , being kind etc) , any questions they may often ask about Fairies, or just generally anything you think would be nice.

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If booking Fairy Mail 

Please click on the button to send an email with your details you'd like Fairy Tara to include! 

*Things you would like Fairy Tara to say

*Things you're proud of

*Encouragement for new skills, school etc