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Friends Forever - Rainbow Fairy Pen-Pals

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The Rainbow Fairies are your new pen-pals!

Please read all to the bottom!

For £10 per month (Or £5 per month if you're a Fairy Club Member) you will receive 2 hand-written and personalised letters from Rainbow Fairy Tara or another Rainbow Fairy of your choice.

Each Fairy Mail letter is addressed to the child, presented with a colouring page envelope and a wax stamp. Once you're signed up for the month, you will receive your first letter in the post, sealed with a beautiful wax stamp and fairy dust.

AFTER YOU HAVE SIGNED UP AND PAID - Please email Tara at tiny-tsparties@outlook.com with 1.The Fairy you are writing to

2. Questions you'd like the Fairy to answer and/or things you'd like to tell us

3.Anything you would like us to help with or encourage!

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If booking Fairy Mail 

Please click on the button to send an email with your details you'd like Fairy Tara to include! 

*Things you would like Fairy Tara to say

*Things you're proud of

*Encouragement for new skills, school etc