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Over the years, Tiny T's Theatre has grown- 
far across Herts our characters have flown! 

Now we're settling down to a place of our own;
Tiny T's Enchanted Cottage is our new home. 

Hertfordshire's only immersive magical venue for children
original characters and storylines by Tiny T's Theatre

13 Station Rd, Knebworth, Hertfordshire

Tiny Ts Theatre Fairy.jpg

The tale of Rainbow Fairy Tara is a little bit different from the others.
You see, unlike each of the other Rainbow Fairies,
Tara did not grow out of a flower.
Tara was especially chosen to become a Rainbow Fairy.
And now, it's Fairy Tara's mission to show other humans how they too can learn special fairy secrets, tips and spells and be crowned a title of their own! 

tiny t's theatre.png

Explore Tiny T's Enchanted Cottage; a branch on Tiny T's tree!
Tiny T's Theatre has been running since 2018 and our company prides itself on bringing
magic to every childhood through visual storytelling, imaginative play, puppetry and theatre.

After running several of our own workshops, events and afternoon tea experiences, 
Fairy Tara decided in 2021 that it was time for our magical characters to have a base. 

After 3 years of hard work, Fairy Tara is delighted to open her Enchanted Cottage in the heart of Knebworth, Hertfordshire, to allow all those tiny and tall to learn all of the magic she has 
learned on Rainbow Island, including fairy secrets, dragon training, potion making
and so much more.

Now our Enchanted Cottage is officially open, you can enjoy a magical, VIP experience every time you visit, whether it be for a special, intimate birthday celebration, afternoon tea, 
a creative workshop or one of our magical theatrical experiences. 

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