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Here at the Calm Cave you will be able to experience a

lovely relaxing end to your day in the woodland!

Our Yogi Suzanne will be teaching you how to use chimes and sounds to make you feel calm, especially before bed time. The session will then end with some relaxation and special sounds of her own. 

Make sure you have some space to lay down and sit on a Magic Carpet Mat, plus  some things to make some lovely sounds with like

a triangle, tambourine, chimes, bells or anything you might find around your home.


A Little Bit

About  Suzanne...

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 13.03.42.png

Suzanne is a Yoga & Meditation teacher, breath coach, sound therapist and one half of Babacool

She is based in Hertfordshire but works mostly online, to help people to improve their health and relax more. 

Suzanne lives on a beautiful farm near the Woodlands and likes making noise, stretching, and sitting crossed legged! 


We encourage you to have lots of fun at home, however we cannot be held responsible for any injuries whilst participating in this workshop. All activities are to be taken at your own risk and any children that need to be supervised must be by an adult. 

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