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Illustrated by Jay Stelling Design

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We have been very privileged  to have been selected to take part in the 'Herts, Camera, Action!' project with Visit Herts, to bring a magical new experience to families around Hertfordshire and beyond. 
Tremendous Tails has been designed around mythical creatures and the tales (and tails!) based around such creatures,
including dragons, unicorns, stags and griffins. 
You may have seen Griffins and other creatures at places such as Knebworth House and Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, with of course the logo being the prominent White Stag. 

We have kicked off the first of our Tremendous Tails series with marvellous magical dragon training whilst Tara continues to adapt the show further into a full immersive magical creatures experience, particularly focusing on a trail to find the magical White Stag!
The experience will not only be fun and theatrical, but educational and historical too. 
For now, our Dragon Training experience includes music and singing, lots of audience participation, learning how to teach our baby dragons to sit and stay and even fly (but not too high!) - next on the agenda is to teach them to breathe fire!  

You can now officially book the Tremendous Tails characters Cog (the scientist), Bumble (animal expert) and Axel (flying expert) at your festival, event or party! See details below. 

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 I have always been fascinated with anything magical (can you guess?!) and that includes mythical creatures. The stories and history behind dragons and how people started to create ideas of them is just fascinating, and so having the opportunity to bring a new children's experience to Hertfordshire is a dream come true as I have just had free reign to be as creative as possible! Not only has it been very fun, but I have also had the help of some very talented people, so a huge thank you to Elizabeth Currie from Visit Herts (Heritage and History), Seren Welch (Consultancy), Lydia Berman (branding) and Steve Ribeiro (Inkfield Media) for working with me to bring my ideas to life. 
Tara x 

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tiny t's theatre dragon training .jpg

Book an Experience
Party entertainment or at an event

Soon you will be able to book Tremendous Tails for Dragon Training party entertainment or for your event or festival.
The trio perform the 30min show in front of the magical tent, with music and song,
puppets and lots of audience participation, which is perfect for an event or festival -
particularly if it involves a theme that suits! 
After the performance, children are invited to design their own magical creature
and meet our dragons. 

See how our audiences have enjoyed Tremendous Tails so far!


Hire our tent 


We are currently putting together a hire agreement, whereby you will be able to hire our Bosworth Pavillion Tent for your very own entertainment or festivals!

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