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Rainbow Fairy Tara

(Founder and Creator)

Tara has had a passion for all things mystical and magical since her childhood, so creating the Tiny T's Rainbow Fairies was a

dream come true. 

Tara is on a Magic Mission to bring creative, imaginative and original characters to children's lives that they can truly connect with:

The Rainbow Fairies are strong, brave, courageous and not afraid to chase their dreams and aspirations! However, Tara also wants to show that sometimes even magical creatures can be afraid, nervous or struggle with things too. 

Many children look up to 'Rainbow Fairy Tara' for being small herself but with big dreams and wishes!

Just as Matilda says, "Even if you're little you can do a lot".

Each Rainbow Fairy has been carefully created by Tara to allow children to connect with each individual Fairy Character for their particular talents and traits, and she hopes to bring as much joy, love and imagination into little people's lives as possible

- and their grown ups too!

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