Play & Imagine

Join in the SPectacuLaR fun and grow your imaginations!


Announced Sunday 14th March

on Facebook & Instagram Live (10am)

Colour in your own magic pair of specs

and send in a photo of you wearing them

for your chance to win a SIGNED COPY of the book! 

(Template Below!)


Printables & Activities

Send in your Spectacular artwork to and we'll share it on social media and add it to our gallery!

Imagination Game

Go and collect your favourite toys and place them around the room.

Next, pretend your fingers are magical and can draw anything you like! Draw a cupboard and step inside.

Is it a big box, or very small? Can you lie down or do you have to squeeze in tight?

Now draw yourself some magic glasses and put them on, or use the glasses from our template!

Imagine when you open up the lid of the box you are in a different place!

Have you flown to Mars or a made up planet?

Have you landed at the beach? Or a world full of Candy?

Suddenly your toys come to life! What are their voices like? Do they like singing?

Travel together through this new place and think about what things you would get up to there!

How will you get home? Remember to keep the key for the cupboard in your pocket! 

Food for thought...


In the story, Mum learns to NEVER give up on her dreams! She always loves painting but has given up, so when Mrs Marigold lets her paint again she is very grateful.

What do you love doing? Don't ever lose what you love!

Starla loves making up stories and Flo loves science! Together they work together as a team rather than fighting together. What things are you good at? Are your friends or siblings different to you? Can you work together to create something with all of your different skills?

mrs m png.png