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Our Shows

We produce a range of short Storytelling-based Shows with
Puppetry and Props throughout the year for various Festivals and Live Events.
These are themed within our magical fictional characters such as
Fairies, Wizards, Pirates and Mermaids as well as putting our own 'Tiny' Twist
on well known classics chosen by our loyal audiences.

Each of our shows are full of original music, original puppets and audience interaction, so that the children feel a part of the story in making choices on which way it twists and turns. 

Our previous main Family Show is 'Spectacular' (more details below) and we are in the process of writing the 'Prequel' , 'Mrs Marigold's Adventures' to be performed in 2023 as part of an Educational Wildlife Project, discussing Bees, Butterflies and wildlife and how we can protect them. 

Tiny T's Theatre Hertfordshire.jpg

Spectacular is a Story written by Tara Harris, first produced and created for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019.
Since then, the show has been adapted into a Children's Picture Book, illustrated by Jay Stelling and commissioned for Iris Theatre's Summer Festival in 2021.

A Family Show lasting 55mins, Spectacular is fun, full of energy, colour, magic and hope, all about thinking positively and changing your mindset to achieve great things in life. 

We have FREE colouring activities available over on the 'Spectacular' page!

Tremendous Tails is a brand new series of short,
interactive shows perfect for festivals and events, 
with thanks to Visit Herts, who helped us develop the idea
in 2022.

We are now performing our Dragon Training Show, and 
will be working on more mythical creature shows in the next year or two! 


Mrs Marigold's Big Buzzy Adventure.png


When you’re needing inspiration and the world feels like a bore,

Jump on board our camper van - come out and explore! 

A prequel to Tiny T's Theatre's 'Spectacular', previously performed in Covent Garden, Edinburgh, and with sell out shows in Hitchin's Outdoor theatre! Our brand new show based on Mrs Marigold the bee-keeper is a fun, vibrant show with original puppets, music and wildlife education, with of course plenty of bee-rilliant puns to make you chuckle! 



When Basil Bloom adopts 13-year-old Melinda Marigold, they go off exploring the world in his Sunflower Camper van, only to discover his gardening tools come to life- as well as the wildlife along the way! With a childhood full of adventure, bear chases and magic, no wonder Melinda Marigold turns out to be such a brilliant bee-keeper!

If you are hosting a wildlife event, festival or party, you can book our 35min show by getting in touch with the email below! 

The Rainbow Fairy Show 
We are currently performing The Rainbow Fairy Show at birthday parties and festivals and will be adapting it further for 2024. 

This is a 30min interactive show with singing, dancing, potion making and spells, to show each young f airy and elf that they too can be invited to Rainbow Fairy Academy and learn magic, just like Fairy Tara did! 
With the support of friends, Fairy Tara learns fairy skills such as flying, staying calm, potion making and helps prepare for the Rainbow Disco..
where Moonbeam the Unicorn makes an appearance!


As well as our main shows, we have previously adapted books with thanks to authors such as 
Bobbie Hinman and Tewinbury Farm, trusting us to create something special
for a 'one-time-only' event. There will be plenty more of these so look out!

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