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Flower Arrangement 6

About us

Tiny T's Theatre is an established Children's Theatre and Entertainment Company specialising in
creative workshops and entertainment experiences for families. 
Our mission is to empower not only young people, but adults too, to step out side of the box in life
and think creatively to live a happier and more fulfilled life with their family. 
We are striving to bring more Arts Based activities to Hertfordshire and to normalise this within society; 
as we all know the wonders creativity can bring to every day life. 

Within everything we do at Tiny T's Theatre we encourage 'dress up', believing that children should have the right to express themselves however they like when and wherever they like.
This is part of why we want to bring fantasy and fictional characters into everything we do.
Because if a Woodland Character can do it, so can you!

We are well known for our personal touch with everything we do, whether it's a personalised letter
sent in the post to gather excitement for Birthday Party Entertainment or simply keeping in touch with each family
that supports our Family Shows or Workshops and watching their little ones grow as we do. 
Our audience is our Community and therefore is as important to us as any other part of what we do.
That's why we are working hard to create a better future for The Arts in 2022 by becoming more Community Interest based and opening a permanent premises to host Family Theatre and creative workshops for young people. 

Do you have a venue and want to work with Fairy Tara?
We are now looking to work with new companies in
partnership for 2024 that may have a venue perfect
for hosting intimate and magical activities with
Fairy Tara and our other characters!


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