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Meet The Team

'Tiny T's' simply comes from the nickname 'Tiny T' ! Tara has always been fascinated by seeing the world from a child's perspective. 
Tara is trained Professionally with a Musical Theatre background, but has played guitar, sang and written songs since the age of 8. 
Tara is also a trained and Professional Puppeteer, with a huge passion
for bringing any object or toy to life, as well as creating original puppets. 

"For me, Children’s Theatre is just so special. As a performer, you are working triple as hard, but with that comes triple the adrenaline! It’s bringing magic to normal situations and letting yourself go and be a child all over again. I think we all need this sometimes when life gets a bit serious. My favourite thing is going back to my own childhood and remembering what I found exciting, and re-creating that in my own way. I basically get to think like a child which is my favourite way to escape myself!"

Every story, character and inch comes from Tara,
with the help of her amazing freelance Performers to bring those ideas to life. 
Tara has been teaching young children and performing to young audiences for over 7 yrs.

Most recently, you may have seen Tara performing on stage as 'Ronnie' / Understudy 'Zog' with Freckle Productions!

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Tara Harris

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Freelance Performers
All of our Team are professionally trained performers, most of which are still performing in the industry. Each performer is fully DBS checked. 
Find more details about each fairy performer over at our Enchanted Cottage

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