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Through the wisps of cloud there is a beautiful, colourful and magical place called Rainbow Island. It is filled
with magic and wonder with many places to visit.

Along the way from Rainbow Academy each of the Rainbow Fairies live happily on Honey Lane.
Whatever the occasion, they always make time for tea parties, picnics and playing by the Wishing Well in Toadstool Park.
And, whenever there is someone in need, you can always count on a Rainbow Fairy to help.

Rainbow Fairy Tara
Fairy Tara was once a human just like you! Which is why you may see her
from time-to-time dressed as a human and acting in human ways. 
Tara has been crowned Head Storytelling Fairy, and she loves crafting too!

Read Fairy Tara's Magic Mission here

yellow fairy dandelion.jpg

Rainbow Fairy Patience
Fairy Patience is Tara's best friend on Rainbow Island! Patience is kind, 
thoughtful and introverted and her passions lie in science, potions and history. 
Fairy Patience has been crowned the Potion Fairy on Rainbow Island!

Rainbow Fairy Dandelion
Fairy Dandelion is another of Tara's best friends on Rainbow Island! She is loyal, 
giggly and clumsy at times... and her passions lie in dreams, sparkles, crafting,
wish making and painting. 
Fairy Dandelion has been crowned the Wishing Fairy on Rainbow Island!

Rainbow Fairy Crystal
Fairy Crystal is best friends with Lavender on Rainbow Island! She is calm, 
friendly and caring... and her passions lie in yoga, making tea, exploring nature
and learning about Mermaids in the crystal caves. 
Fairy Crystal has been crowned the Calm Fairy on Rainbow Island!

Rainbow Fairy Faith
Fairy Faith is best friends with Blossom on Rainbow Island! She is full of love, 
friendship and kindness... and her passions lie in butterflies, dancing, making lists
and arranging special days out for all of her friends. 
Fairy Faith has been crowned the Kind Fairy on Rainbow Island!

Rainbow Fairy Lavender
Fairy Lavender is best friends with Crystal on Rainbow Island! She is chirpy, intelligent and can make an excellent fruit tea!
Her passions lie in gardening, growing vegetables, animal feeding & animal care. 
Fairy Lavender has been crowned the Gardening Fairy on Rainbow Island!

Rainbow Fairy Blossom
Fairy Blossom is best friends with Faith on Rainbow Island! She is the youngest of all the 
fairies and has been in fairy training for some years. She is quite shy, so doesn't come and visit the human world often at the moment, but she loves learning about humans! 
Her passions lie in baking, reading, learning and spells. 
Fairy Blossom has been crowned the Baking Fairy on Rainbow Island!

Other magical characters

Dusty Twinkle-socks
Dusty is our Woodland Carpenter on Rainbow Island! He travels far and wide
to help fairies and elves create their dreams i
n to reality. 
Dusty and his pet squirrel Bruce helped Fairy Tara build her cottage!
Dusty likes to work in secret, so he only travels at night time, and only comes to the human world for emergencies.

Wilbur Wizard
Wilbur Wizard is a very important Wizard on Rainbow Island as he discovers all new magical creatures, spells and potions and passes them onto each fairy to teach the human world. Wilbur sometimes pays the human world a visit for special potion workshops and story time with his dragons!

Gimble & Thimble Elves
Gimble and his brother Thimble are Rainbow Elves and have only ever stayed on Rainbow Island! Their jobs is to help write spell-books and letters for Ms Do It All, Headteacher at Rainbow Academy. They are desperate to visit the human world so may one day make a visit for some crafting! 

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