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Tales from

Honey Lane

Inspired by her love of timeless children's books such as Brambly Hedge, The Worst Witch
and The Tales of Peter Rabbit, Tara has been working hard writing a series of
7 Short Stories called 'Tales From Honey Lane' since August 2020. 
With the help of Jay Stelling (Illustrator) and Freya Williams (Floral Illustrations), Tara is able to bring these exciting new books to the Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy Collection. 
Each story introduces quirky characters and moments that will make everyone chuckle, with important messages of what makes everyone different and unique. 
Each Rainbow Fairy Tale shows that each fairy has a different skill- it just took them a little while to realise what they were good at... and that is every bit ok. 

The Tale of  Rainbow Fairy Tara

Book 1:

Rainbow Fairy Tara is so lucky, she can be a human and a fairy!

When a magical sunflower grew in Tara's garden, her life changed forever!

Receiving a letter from Ms Do-It-All, Headteacher at Rainbow Fairy Academy, Tara was invited to attend Fairy School and learn all that it takes to be a real Rainbow Fairy. 

With a few disasters and wondering whether she'd ever get her Rainbow Award, Tara learned that being yourself is more important than anything. 

Now, as Head Storytelling Fairy,

Rainbow Fairy Tara spreads magic,

love and storytelling joy wherever she goes... it just took a few disasters to get there!

Fairy Tara png.png

Toadstool Hunt
Why not draw some magical Rainbow Toadstools and have a Toadstool hunt around the garden or in the woodlands?

Musical Mushrooms
Place your cushions around the room or the garden and play your favourite Fairy Song! When the music plays, fly around the toadstools and wave your magic wands, when the music stops... eek! Find a toadstool mushroom and sit on it! Gradually take away the toadstool mushroom cushions until there isn't any left... 

Build a TreeHouse Den like Fairy Tara's
As Rainbow Fairy Tara lives in a Treehouse, why not create your own? Use your favourite cushions, blankets and soft toys and even put a lantern inside!

Create a Puppet
Find the tutorial here!

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