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once upon a woodland.png
Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy.png
Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy.png
Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy.png

Pop On Your Wings!

It's time to fly over to our Woodland to experience a truly wonderful day...

Saturday 7th November 2020

(More Information To Be Revealed Soon)


Why Would We Enjoy It?

Set in a real woodland, our event will allow you to experience the

real magic of the Fairies, Wizards and Sprites and create a unique memory

you'll never forget.


Storytelling, Theatre, Workshops, Crafting,

Potion Making and much more-

for ages 2-102 to enjoy something a little bit different.

Our Ethos 

At Tiny T's we encourage children of any background to

release their inner creativity. They have permission in our special woodland to be

whoever they want to be for the day!

From arriving in their costume, to dancing with the Rainbow Fairies,

to making their own creations. 

Keeping Our Woodland Safe

Not only will the children take home some beautiful handmade crafts,

but all will be made with as much sustainable materials as we can possibly source so that 

we remind our Mini Magical beings to use less plastic and help our woodland animals.

Keeping You Safe

2020 will be the launch of Once Upon A Woodland and we want to make sure your little ones can enjoy the magic of the event whilst feeling safe! The one day event will be all online for 2 Days*, therefore you can watch and join in with as much of the content as many times as you like before we welcome you to our real woodland in 2021.


*For Fairies & Elves who have purchased their tickets

Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy.png
Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy.png
Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy.png

Hold tight!

Tickets will be available to purchase 

Friday 4th September '20


Tiny T x

Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy.png
tiny t's dandelion fairy.png
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