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Tiny T's Theatre are delighted to be taking over the award-winning children's magical subscription service My Fairy Penpal! 
Fairy Aria has finished her mission to save the fairy kingdom and has had to fly off on another secret quest, but has left Rainbow Fairy Tara in charge from now on! 

Your Fairy Penpal journey
with Rainbow Fairy Tara!

If you have been subscribed to My Fairy Penpal subscription service
previously, you'll be delighted to hear that Rainbow Fairy Tara 
will be offering the same service, just with some new characters
and activities! 

Each letter will be sent from Toadstool Post Office on Rainbow Island, 
and within your letters you may hear from each different Rainbow Fairy, 
(find out about our different fairies here) Wizards, Dragon Trainers, Witches and even our cheeky dragons! 
Each month there will be new tasks, activities & quests to help the characters on Rainbow Island!

If you are new to My Fairy Penpal, please read all of the info below
to find out what each month includes upon your
magical subscription journey!


Re-starting from January 2024

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Upon signing up from the booking form below, your first letter will include a welcome colouring sheet
with a QR code linking to a video from Rainbow Fairy Tara, to introduce herself as your
Fairy Penpal! You will also receive an email with this link too. 

Your Monthly Subscription

Each subscription is £15 per month and includes 2 special Penpal letters sent bi-weekly
(the first week of the month and the 3rd week of the month.)

Please note from June 2024, due to the rising postage costs, My Fairy Penpal Subscription
will be increased to £16.99 a month. 

The first letter will be sent from Fairy Tara and friends, and includes updates from Rainbow Island,
funny stories, potion recipes, tasty snack recipes and educational activity sheets. 

The second letter will be sent in a letterbox with either a gift, craft activity or potion ingredients and will all be working towards a special mission to spread love, joy, kindness and gratitude throughout the human world! 


Our Rainbow Characters have been designed with diversity in mind, showing children that they can 
become whoever they want to be and give them confidence in trying new things. 
By having a Rainbow Fairy Penpal, each child will be encouraged to be more creative and use their imagination, explore new activities they might not have tried and gain confidence in
reading and writing. 

We love to hear back from our Fairy Penpals, so you can write back to us at: 

Tiny T's Enchanted Cottage 
13 Station Rd, Knebworth
Hertfordshire, UK 



Payment & Sign-up

Payment will be taken on the same day of every month (date will be dependant on your booking date) as a direct debit. 
Subscription can be cancelled any time and must be cancelled by the last day of the calendar month. 
Please note if you sign up after 7th of every month you will receive
your first letter the following month. 

Please fill out the booking form below and click 'Sign Up' to make payment via Stripe. 

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Booking Form

Thanks for submitting! Now click the payment button!

Sign up for 12 months and we'll send you a birthday gift!

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