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Fairy Mail 

Letter Subscription Service

Our brand new Rainbow Fairy Pen-Pal service is a magical way to stay in touch with your fairy friends you meet at our shows, events and workshops! It can encourage reading and writing learning, stimulate imagination and allow you to immerse yourselves in the wonderful world of magic and belief. 

For £15 per month for 12months, your child will receive 2 letters a month: 

The first: an update from all of the characters from Tiny T's Theatre (Rainbow Fairies, Dragon Trainers, Dragons, Moonbeam the Unicorn, Wizards and Elves) explaining all of the activities and events we have been up to on Rainbow Island, what we are excited for and including a worksheet or colouring activity themed with the time of year. 

The second: a personalised letter for your tiny believer including celebrating their achievements, giving advice on things they might need encouragement/help with, help with granting a wish, chatting about a favourite book or hobby they have been up to (which we have heard about from the birds and the bees!), each letter from a different Rainbow Fairy of preference. 

Occasionally, there may also be some surprise gifts too!
Such as fairy dust, stickers or special fairy charms. 

Our brand new Fairy Mail Pen-Pal subscription service really is a wonderful way to stay in touch with us throughout the year, to grow and learn together. 

Booking information

Once we have received your booking from the form below, we will have basic information about your tiny believer and will start putting
together your very first letter.
Please make sure your address i
s exactly correct and the chid's name is spelt exactly correct

You will then receive an email at the beginning of each month, reminding you to answer a few simple questions for the following month:
1. Achievements of the month
2. Something they need help/encouragement with
3. A wish for the month
4. A favourite book they've been reading or hobby/activity they've been up to
5. Any particular Rainbow Fairy you'd like to hear from

Letters will be sent the second week of the month followed
by the 4th week of the month, first class signed for.

Pay for 12months fully or set up a direct debit
If you would like to pay monthly and cancel any time, you of course can do this! 
We ask if you email Fairy Tara to set up a direct debit. Direct debit payments will be taken on the 5th of each month, £15, and you are able to cancel at the beginning of the month before the first paymen
t is made, or at the end to cancel for the following month. 



"We love receiving our packages
from Fairy Tara!"

"It gives us 
something special
to look
forward to

Write back to us

We have been sending fairy mail across the UK since 2020, with hundreds of personalised letters arriving through the post, sealed with love always.
We found it particularly special during the lockdown, and still continue to create magical fairy video messages upon request.  

If you would like to write back to the Rainbow Fairies, we would love to hear from your tiny believers; we're particularly good at keeping secrets!
Please contact Fairy Tara with the email address below so she can privately share her human treehouse details.

Email Fairy Tara:


Booking Form
This fairy child is..
Magical Creature Preference

The button will direct you to our tiny shop where you can pay for your booking. Once we receive your booking we will be in touch! 

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