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Rainbow Fairy Tara is your new Pen-Pal!

We asked what you would like more of...

You said 'Magic'!

So here you are...

For £10 per month (Or £5 per month if you're a Fairy Club Member)

you will receive 2 hand-written and personalised letters from

Rainbow Fairy Tara or another Rainbow Fairy of your choice. 

Each Fairy Mail letter is addressed to the child, presented with a colouring page

envelope and a wax stamp. 

Once you're signed up for the month, you will receive your first letter in the post, sealed with a beautiful wax stamp and fairy dust. 


We ask that once you have signed up and paid, that you email us with:

1. Which Fairy you would like to write to

2. Personal questions for the fairies or things you would like to tell us

3. Anything you would like us to encourage, advise or help with

so that we can write back accordingly. 

Once you've written back, you will receive your final letter via

Fairy Mail with all of the answers to your questions and some advice on anything you need. 

You can count on the Tiny T's Rainbow Fairies to help you solve any problem or lift your spirits for an extra bit of magic each month!


"We love receiving our packages

from Fairy Tara!"

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