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For Fairies, Elves, Boys & Girls!

Tara has designed a magical, educational and interactive magazine for all of the wonderful Rainbow Fairy & Friends Fans.

It arrives via Fairy Magic Mail, delivered in a brown envelope with a colouring page stuck on the front and your fairy or elf name!

The Magazine includes Happy Thoughts, encouraging children to think of their favourite things and what they're grateful for, fairy recipes, crafting, games, colouring, woodland and nature facts, story extracts about each fairy and a map of each section of Rainbow Island. 

Each month features a new fairy and the children can learn all about them! 

Send in your questions to the Fairies & Elves and we'll answer them in the magazine each month! 

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Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 20.55.49.png
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Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 20.58.56.png
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