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Rainbow Fairy Training

Welcome to Rainbow Fairy Academy,

Training for only special chosen Fairies & Elves!

Here you will meet Ms Do-It-All, the Head Teacher of Rainbow Fairy Academy and be guided through 5 Days of Training with Fairy Tara. 

Rainbow Fairy Training Includes

5 Activity Videos & some bonus videos about the Rainbow Fairies that you can watch any time!

You will receive a special pack in the post with some things for each day,

including secret fairy tasks to complete! All you will need to get is some ingredients

for chocolate making and basic craft materials.


Training Videos: 

Deciding your Fairy Colour & Designing your fairy house, Creating a Rainbow Flower Crown, Learning Spells and Potions, Fairy Chocolate Making & Creating a Fairy-Tale Scrapbook Story!


The pack sent in the post includes Stickers, Magic dust, a Magic Card, Potion Ingredients, 

Colouring  & Activity pages & a Rainbow Pencil.

There are also  PDF Colouring Printables and a Certificate to print at the end. 

Once you have completed your Fairy Training,  you can print off your certificate and sign your name! 

To access Rainbow Fairy Training, just purchase your pack for £15.00 and you will receive the special password and links to the page with all of the content included.

Please note your account only be valid for 1 year after purchase.

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