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Autumn Rainbow Fairy Subscription Box

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After running the Online Rainbow Fairy Club for 2yrs after the pandemic, we found our fairy friends from around the world were looking for a new, different kind of magic to enjoy at home!

Fairy Tara has carefully designed a subscription box for each season of the year, and you will be able to purchase one box, two boxes or all four for each season of 2023.

Each box contains information about different Rainbow Fairies, Wizards or Elves, themed to each season with spell cards, magic money (with discounts to workshops, shows, parties or anything from our Tiny Shop), pen-pal letters from different fairies and a stamp to send letters back, seasonal fairy dust, a magical gift, a season-themed craft kit, colouring pages, calm fairy audio clips to listen to, recipe cards and secret fairy tasks.


Sparkle, Sparkle, Rainbow Skies

Feel the change, colour surprise!

Autumn is full of spells, potions and rich colours, so this box will be full of just that! (plus extra sparkle on top!)

There is a particular focus on Wizard magic in this box, with information about Rainbow Wizards and Fairy Patience, special spells & recipes for Patience's Birthday (October 31st), pumpkin crafting, leaf collecting, a magical potion kit, seed gathering tipsand loads more!

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