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The Tale of Rainbow Fairy Tara

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BRAND NEW! 'Tales From Honey Lane' is a beautiful, classic Children's Book Series created by founder Tara to bring you a story of how each Tiny T's Rainbow Fairy was crowned their title. Inspired by Tara's childhood of Beatrix Potter and Brambly Hedge, this series will be a magical, exclusive set like no other, based on real characters originated from a theatrical background.

Starting with 'The Tale of Rainbow Fairy Tara', this magical story explains how Tara was invited to fly to Rainbow Fairy Island by Ms Do-It-All, strict Headteacher of Rainbow Fairy Academy, to learn all there is to know about becoming a true Rainbow Fairy. Of course, however, becoming a Fairy isn't all that easy! With flying disasters, spell mis-haps and all, Rainbow Fairy Tara was crowned Storytelling Fairy eventually. Teaching us that learning takes a long time and that not everybody is perfect, these short stories will be a perfect bed time story for all of those Fairy-lovers!

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