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Applecroft Primary School Writing Week

I had a fabulous morning at Applecroft Primary School in Welwyn Garden City this morning with the year 3s and 4s. The children were a joy to teach and so creative!

This week is their writing week for World Book Day on 1st March so to gain interest for my Storytelling & Drama club and to get to know the kids I went in with some worksheets, props and masks and the kids really used their imaginations to create a twist on a Fairytale. It was great! The children got really involved- they especially loved the drama game where they had to do a 'dramatic death'!

Each child chose their favourite character from a story and drew themselves as that character.

These are just some of the fantastic drawings they did! We had quite a few Harry Potter fans...

Then the children got into groups and discussed their characters and chose either Jack and The Beanstalk or Cinderella and added their characters into the story. The twists and turns were quite funny!! We had all sorts of Beanstalk stories!!!

I wish I could have had more time to watch the children develop them into proper performances (I was told they did this after I left) as they were so creative and enthusiastic. The school does not currently have a drama or art club which I think is a shame, but all the more for me to come in!

I can't wait to start the after school club with the kids in the summer term!

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