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How far we've come

Happy New Year everybody! Wow! What a year I had in 2018! I never expected by Jan 2019 I would be in this position!

It is that time again where I prep and plan all of my classes for the term and get ready to meet all of my new students- super exciting! I think to myself as I plan certain parts of the classes… 'I wonder how much of this will change?' As, you ask any teacher ever, and they will agree that most of it does change from the moment you meet the students. That's the exciting part!

For the Spring Term 2019 I will be back at Sherrardswood School in Welwyn, only this time Tiny T's will have 2 classes a week. Tuesdays will be Storytelling as normal and Thursdays will be arts and crafts! Fridays I am back at Sherrardswood to teach the tiny tots musical theatre for one of my bosses and then back at Kingshott School as normal to teach Storytelling. I am so excited to have a week filled with such creativity and I can't wait to see what happens!

Not only am I excited that I have new classes, but the amount of BIRTHDAY PARTY bookings I am receiving! Wow! I have never advertised as a birthday party company but I am super grateful to be considered to make a child's birthday party special. January is almost booked up!!! And we are already having bookings for February and March, which to me is mind blowing as this time last year I never thought business would be like this.

To someone who has been running a huge company for years, this will seem like small petty things. However, to someone that started something purely because they love it and not thinking of the bigger picture, to meet new customers every day that have been recommended to come to YOU, that is special. I am grateful for every day and the opportunities I have had so far with my business and I look forward to every second of what 2019 is going to bring.

I will be back working at FROSTS Garden Centre Storytelling in half term, as well as working for them in Easter no doubt! As well as building my classes more and hopefully building more of a team this year! Not only that but every day I am pushing a few steps forward to my DREAM which is Tiny Ts Tiny Theatre! Look out for more info on all of our upcoming events and exciting news.

Tara x

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