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Half Term at Frosts!

My first day of Storytelling sessions at Frosts Garden Centres is complete and I had the BEST time meeting all of the enthusiastic little storytellers today!

Today I was at Willington Centre running 2 full sessions of animal Interactive Storytelling & Crafting. I was asked to choose stories that related to nature and/or animals so I chose The Magical Bojabi Tree Piet Gobler and Mr Hare's Big Secret by Hannah Dale. They are brilliant imaginative stories that children can get thoroughly involved in with their rhyming and characters. Also with beautiful illustrations!

The children came in and chose an animal mask before we did some exercises to spark their imaginations- this is a MUST when we're about to use our imaginations through storytelling and it seemed to really draw in the attention of the children! I have to say they were one of the best audiences I've ever had!

I will be at Woburn Sands Centre next week Monday, Wednesday and Friday with sessions 2pm-3pm for more animal Storytelling & Crafting sessions and I can't wait! We will be filming me and taking some photos so I will hopefully have plenty to show at the end of next week!

Thank you again for having me! I am so grateful for the opportunities I have with Frosts and I can honestly say I LOVE my job.

Tara x

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